How do we support our partners in dealing with the COVID Crisis?

Hello Partners,

We pray you and yours are fine and are coping well with the impact of the Coronavirus and lock downs have had on your worlds.  Everyone is impacted and they’re many disruptions already and many yet to come.

In this time of unprecedented challenge in the World, we  thank you for taking care of everything around you well and continuing to do all you can, to support your world cope with this crises.

It’s your effort and persistence, that keep the Industry and the World moving in such a time. We wish you continued strength.

It’s a rather special time and we’ve seen huge loss of lives, and major disruptions to supply chains globally.  Being a sourcing specialist and possibility fulfillment experts in several areas, Our teams have setup a task force to support everyone we can in dealing with the impact.

Our global networks and multi-faceted approach to sourcing, has proven to be the most needed skill in this situation.

How do we support our partners in dealing with the COVID Crises ?

Alternate API / Ingredients Supply Source Development :

We noted a lot of disruptions to global supply chains which presented a need for quick and efficient alternate supplies to be arranged. Our experience in doing this, come in handy and we’ve fortified many critical projects since January 2020.

    • Alternate API sources evaluated and approved.
    • Alternate Ingredient / Excepient sources developed and supply established.
    • Sourcing of Critical Intermediates and Starting materials for API production.
• Essential Inventory Build Up

Essential Inventory Build Up :

Being in the healthcare business, it’s most critical to ensure our partners can continue production in every situation.

    • We Support our clients to build upto 12 months of API / Ingredient stock for on-going production.
    • We Support our supply partners navigate through current logistics breakdowns by Transhipments / Re-Shipments, to keep their supply chain challenges to the minimum.
    • We Support sourcing of non-regular items such as packing materials, excipients to keep supply continuity.

COVID19 Essential Supplies :

We setup a Protective Supplies Team and currently ship the following products in large quantities to our partners globally. Available Products are certified as per individual country requirements and comply international standards and regulations.

      • 3PLY Masks
      • N95/KN95 Masks
      • Non-Contact Infrared Thermometers
      • COVID19 Rapid IgM/IggTestkits
      • COVID19 RT-PCR Testkits
      • Disposable Gloves
      • Other Products per specific requests
Q3 N95 Mask
COVID19 Essential Drugs

COVID19 Essential Drugs - Wholesale / Whitelabel:

We leverage on our networks and experience to ship the following drugs to where its most needed.

    • Hydroxychloroquine Sulfate 200mg Tablets Bulk / Retail Pack
    • Chloroquine Phosphate 25mg Tablets  – Bulk / Retail Pack

COVID19 API for Research & Development

To meet the challenge in your region, we’ve evaluated sources for the following API’s and invite R&D teams to contact us regarding the following APIs.

  • Favipravir
  • Lopinavir
  • Ritonavir
  • Remdesivir
  • Hydroxychloroquine Sulfate
  • Chloroquine Phosphate

All transactions are carried out in conformity with patent laws applicable in the user country. Products with valid parents in force are offered for R&D only and Not for commercial use. Responsibility with respect to the third parties patent rights in a specific country lies exclusively with the importer and end user.