Our Services

Powerful Sourcing Experience With Chemill.

Our Services

Dedicated global sourcing network

Insight On Raw Materials And Supply Trend

25 Years Experience In The Industry

In-House Audit Team To Our Partner Facilities

In-Depth Product Knowledge

Pre-Shipment Inspection With 3rd Party Test Report

As a leading distributor for more than 20 years, we oversee even the tiniest movement of the industry to ensure the most fruitful reward on our client’s effort.

By following one of the strictest operation protocol in the world, the premium quality of our services and products are beyond any manner of doubt. Any undesirable contamination such as pesticides residues, heavy metal are all eliminated into the lowest level.

Every batch of our products will go through world recognized third party testing lab with comprehensive test report to reassure all ingredients are premium, potent and pure.

Every little detail has been taken care of.


We value every detail our clients is seeking and understand the importance of certifications. In delicating the best ingredients, we utilize the most advanced and eco-friendly technology in extracting ingredients to maintain the richest nutrients.